Welcome to Soul Clearing.ca

Do you long for a deeper, more profound understanding of your life experience?

Have you ever wondered why you keep repeating the same negative patterns?

Do you feel ‘Stuck” in your life?

Do you want to know who you really are as a soul?

Maybe felt like you were not yourself. Have people completely misunderstood you?

Do you want to take back the control of your own existence?

Soul Clearing is a psychic, intuitive reading and healing done in the Akashic Records. Soul Clearing is about discovering your inner self at soul level. Learn what your gifts, talents, life lessons, and soul’s history are. Learn, heal and clear away negative blocks, influences, connections and karma that are stopping you from living the life you want to be living. Stop making the same mistakes, attracting the same negative people, reliving the same negative actions and start embracing the divine being you are meant to be! 

Soul Clearing is all about discovering your inner self. The peace that comes with knowing who you are from the depths of your soul to the outer expression of your incarnation. Find personal peace, balance and harmony.  Soul Clearing lets your true self express your light into this world as you were meant to do.

Soul Clearing is about working with your energetic bodies to create positive changes that allow you to embrace your life with joy, peace and love. All of us are individual Souls having individual experiences with individual histories. Our Souls are made up of energy that carries personal patterns, resonances, memories and purposes. Sometimes this energy gets stagnant, blocked, imbalanced, repetitive, and, simply put, out of alignment. Many of us are confused as to who we really are, what we really want, and are feeling unhappy, unsettled, dull, lost, confused, trapped, and a sortment of other emotional states that we are not intended to be living.

Soul Clearing is passionate about working with people to understand themselves at soul level. Our favorite service and most recommended place to start is a Soul Realignment reading through the Akashic Records.  The Akashic Records are an endless library located in spirit, or Ethers, that contains the records of every soul from the time of creation. Find out where your Soul began your journey, what skills, jobs and talents your soul is naturally drawn to; discover how this created who you are today and the gifts it brings to you. Discover what is blocking, holding you back or confusing you from embracing your soul’s purpose and experience in this lifetime. Clear this energy so you can move forward on your life’s path.

Relationship Readings look at the connection between two people; why are they brought together in this lifetime, have they experienced lives together before, what relationships have they been in together in past lives, what are the traps or negative patterns that are affecting this relationship and sooooo much more!! These readings are fun, informative and healing! They help you step back and look at your relationships from your soul’s view and why you are here to experience them. All relationships are of great value to us and have been chosen by our spirits before entering into this lifetime, make the most of them by understanding them energetically and what they are really for. Relationship readings can be done on all relations: spouses, parent/child, co-workers, friends, ect.

Life Situation Reading will look at the energetic cause of whatever issue or issues that are negatively affecting your life. You may think that life is picking on you, or murphy’s law is overacting in your life, but the reality is you are creating whatever chaos is upsetting your life. Often we will find that seemingly unrelated issues are actually all one issue based on a belief or karmic energy that we are holding onto at our deepest soul’s exsistence.

Property Clearing is a psychic reading and clearing in the Akashic Records done on property that you energetically own. These can be your home, buisness, furniture or objects you own. Everything has an energetic signature, this energy can be positive, negative or just not compatible with yours. Something going bump in the night? Business in a downward spiral? House just doesn’t feel like home? Camper not selling? Clear the energy to align with your purpose.

Enjoy our site and I hope to meet you soon. Let your Spirit Shine Bright and enjoy some Soul Clearing.

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