Energy Healing

What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is about working with the energy that flows through out your body and extends from the internal to the outward and into your environment. Your energy is organized into five areas: physical, mental, emotional, etheric and spiritual. Science has measured and proven the exsistence of these fields, studies have also confirmed how this energy affects our quality of life. When this energy flows freely and in balance we are calm, peaceful, our thoughts are clear, stress is reduced or even eleminated, our relationships are healthy, our bodies are healthy, and our lives appear to have an effortless flow.

Everything in our environments are made up of energy that we interact with. These various intensities of interaction can cause fluctuations in our energy field that cause us to get off balance and out of sorts. Interactions with other people, our own milestones in our lives, environmental energy fluctuations, and our experiences of living in this world are all ways that our energy flow and balance can get interupted. Energy Healing modalities return our energy field back to the state of free flowing and balance.

At Shining Spirit we encourage people to learn about their personal energy and understand how to heal and nurture themselves. All the healing modalities used are about empowering the client to create their own energy healing.

What is a Soul Realignment?

A Soul Realignment or Akashic Record Reading is one of the most beneficial and enlightening intuitive readings that one can recieve. It is all about learning who you are from the depths of your soul and letting that light of your spirit shine bright. Have you ever wondered where your soul came from? Why you are here? What are your specialties? What are your challenges? Do you sometimes feel that you are repeating the same experiences? Discover your gifts that you bring into this world, clear away blocks, understand challenges, and let go of inaffective repetitive behaviors with Soul Realignment.

What is a Life Situation Reading?

Sometimes we get caught up in a situation that we can’t seem to change, it is like life is challenging us over and over. We have all said at one point or another “Why me? What more could happen?” A Life Situation Reading can help you figure out just what the world is trying to tell you. What may seem completely unrelated is really the same message affecting multiple aspects of our lives. We are the only ones responsible for our lives, it is only us that directs ourselves, but sometimes it is helpful to get a new perspective. Life Situation Readings help us see what is truly going on and what we are doing that is not creating the life we want.

What is a Relationship Reading?

Relationship are the foundations of our lives; they enrich us, enlighten us and challenge us daily. Whether it is a spouse, child, family member, boss, co-worker or friend, understanding the relationship from your soul’s perspective helps us understand the dynamics of that which affects us most – our relationships. Relationship Readings are fun, illuminating and healing.

Enjoy our site and I hope to meet you soon. Let your Spirit Shine Bright and request an Energy Healing.

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