Power of Free Will

Understanding the power of our Free Will.

One of the trickiest aspects of understanding and accepting our personal divinity (or spirituality) is the concept of our free will. Each one of us incarnated here on Earth has 100% free will over our experience. There is nothing anywhere, nor anyone incarnated or not incarnated that has power over us, including the God (Divine Spirit) itself! We are solely responsible for what we allow, that is not to say we cause evil but we certainly empower and allow evil in our lives. Remember that evil is simply that which is not Divine, and just as there are varying degrees of good, the same is of evil. Evil originated from Divine Spirit and will one day return to the Divine Spirit, it was created by lowering its vibration and allowing fear to cover its Divine Light, as one was created it spread to others. Inside all darkness is a spark of light that has been disconnected from Source. Each cover of darkness is of its own thickness, the thicker the darkness the further disconnected from Source is the divine spark inside.

The veil between the spirit world and the incarnated experience is thinning at this time, which is allowing us to feel, see and generally experience new conditions that we only have known of from the all-knowing soul perspective. When we start to understand our selves as souls and embrace our lives as a soul’s experience we can start to truly understand our free will. Just as we accept that our human bodies have specific jobs, skills and gifts so does our soul. Just as our human bodies have families and history, so do our souls. Just as our human bodies have experiences that remain with us for years, sometimes this entire lifetime so does our souls. Now that we have greater accessing tools to understand our soul we can start to have greater insight into creating our lives with clearer, deeper and substantially vast experiences.

When we understand ourselves from the more accurate view of combining the incarnated experience with the soul’s experience we can then embrace the power of our free will. We must consciously make the choice to allow Divine Spirit into our lives. We must consciously decide to listen to our higher selves and our spriit guides. We must consciously decide to make our choices with these resources but realize that the result is truly our decisions. The power is really ours. It is only yourself that can choose to listen, choose to concider, and choose to act or not act. Action or non-action is our power, it is what creates our lives, it is our Free Will applied.

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    Your post, Soul’s Free Will, is really well written and insightful. Glad I found your website, warm regards!

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    Hi Jennifer, I really enyejod your website its well put together and a wealth of great information.Keep up the good work we need more people like you in this world.Thank you

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