Life Situation Reading

Feel like the cozmos are tring to tell you something and you are just not getting it? Sometimes in life we get feeling like everything is going wrong. The cat dies, the toilet keeps backing up, can’t seem to get work caught up, kids are fighting; none of which is related to each other….or is it?

When spirit is trying to guide us and we just don’t listen or aren’t getting the message things can start to go wrong. It isn’t that there is some ominent being controling us and we’ve gotten away from the original instructions, but rather its ourselves that we aren’t listening to. Our spirit is trying to tell us something. Sometimes we are not just not living in balance with ourselves, and sometime we are needing to clear past issues. There are so many situations that influence our energy fields and sometimes we need a little help clearing things away, understanding their message or simply letting go of unwanted burdens.

A Life Situation Reading can help. Make a list of all the things that aren’t right in your world right now, things that are affecting you personally, remember this is about you not your friend, and have a Life Situation Reading done.

Although it is not necessary to have a Soul Realignment reading done first it is highly recommended. A Life Situation Reading  is an excellent followup reading either months or even years after a Soul Realignment has been done.




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