Property Clearing

Our environments are obviously very important and affect us in multiple ways. Do you have an area of your home that no one wants to be in or a space that just feels wrong? An area that wont grow anything? Are you having trouble selling your home, a car or camper? A property clearing may be all you need.

Properties can carry the energy signature of their previous purpose and occupants which may not be the right energy for you. We are often aware of these negative energies such as the area that wont grow anything, the corner or room that no one wants to be in or that space which just feels wrong. Sometimes negative energy can be attached to an object such as furnature, ornaments or even your car (the one that wont sell or always breaks down). Some properties have such strong energetic history that they are still attuned to their previous purpose like an ancient burial ground, ceremonial site or battleground. The property may not have been used in this manner for many generations but the energy impact was so great that the energy vibration is still attached.

Property clearings will address all these issues, bring balance back to your home and re-assign the property to your purpose.

A Property Clearing includes:

– my work in the Akashic Record to discover the information
– Clearing and re-assignment of the property
– 20min phone session to review the information

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