Reiki is the healing modality of spiritually guided life force energy. It is the art of channeling Divine energy into the body for the purpose of healing. It is not the practitioner but rather spirit that is doing the healing. It is non-denominational and may be used by anyone of any age. Rei means spiritual wisdom and Ki means Life Force Energy. A Reiki Session promotes mental, physical and spiritual relaxation, it balances and enhances body energy, encourages the body to heal, encourages the body to release disease on all levels, and has a positive effect on the endocrine and immune system.

An education in Reiki gives the practitioner a life changing tool. It can be used to center and calm a child, bring peace to a loved one, cleanse the energy of your food, bless a vacation, enhance a nights sleep and so much more. It is a life tool with endless applications for use.  The more it is used the more your life is enriched. I am always happy to give a Reiki Healing Session as it is a most wonderful experience, but I must say that my true joy is in shareing the knowledge of Reiki. I believe this is a healing modality that all people, from all walks of life should learn. What a different world we would live in if the Art of Reiki was taught as part of our basic education. I believe it is that magnificent a tool and I highly encourage everyone to learn Reiki for themselves. Reiki Level 1 will have you attuned and working with reiki for self healing and healing loved ones. Reiki Level 2 enhances your skills through a deeper attunement to the energy, adding tools to enhance your current healing sessions and broaden the possibilties of use.

Book a Reiki Healing Session, Join us for a Reiki Share or Leap in and Learn Reiki for yourself!

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