Parenting & Reiki

There isn’t an official seperate course for parenting and Reiki but I present this section becaue of my own profound experience Reiki has brought to my parenting ‘toolbox’. My stress level has lowered dramatically, thus allowing my chosen parenting skills to shine through and my less desireable skills to retreat. When I have no idea how to cope or what to offer I rely on Reiki, as it gives me a tool to calm my children as well as myself. Often an upset tummy or an unexplained ache can be cured with Reiki energy. Children naturally accept Reiki, soaking it in and seeming to understand it on levels us adults miss.

Teaching Reiki to my children has been an excellent opening ground for introducing spritual concepts as well. Giving them a spiritual acceptance that many children are missing today. I believe it is good to teach Reiki to young children and for them to be attuned to the energy. Level I attunment is appropriate at any age and level II attunement when the child is showing interest in understanding more. Children will not always absorb the rigid formalities that a regular Reiki class is taught and therefore should be taught in a child friendly environment and language appropriate for their age.

If you are interested in sharing Reiki with your child, please contact me to discuss the most appropriate format for your child. I truly believe Reiki is a basic skill that should be embraced by all parents and shared with all children. The bond of a ‘Reiki Family’ is an incredible gift for the entire family.

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