About Me

Jennifer is a Soul Realignment Practitioner and a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher. She has spent her entire life exploring her connection with Divine Spirit through many modalities, self annalysis and various forms of meditation. Once she embraced the tools of Reiki and expereienced a Soul Realignment she felt her experience of life come into balance with her expression of life.

“At this point in my life I am being guided to share my experience of expression with others, to offer my soul gifts as a tool for others to experience themselves more fully in their expression of life. I am so excited to be offering this work and for the expression I see this work taking in the future.

My deepest desire in life is to help people find the Divine Spirit for themselves and to find their joy in the experience they are having in this expression of life.  To experience yourself as Divine Spirit and to experience all of creation as Divine Spirit; life is an experience to be embraced, growth is an ongoing adventure.

Although my connection to Devine Spirit has always been a strong part of who I am, it was not until I started practicing Reiki and learned the tools of Soul Realignment did I find peace within my expression of life. My experience with this work has been to improve all my ‘difficult’ relationships, I have discovered my draw towards the unhealthy relationships in my life giving them no more power to influence me, I have found true understanding and acceptance of my own mistakes and those of others and I have accepted my own expression of Divine Spirit allowing me to move forward in shareing my gifts with others.

Contact: jennifer@soulclearing.ca

or call 604-557-3329

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