Soul Clearing

Soul Realignment is about understanding who we are, why we are the way we are, and clearing influences that are interfering with who we are meant to be.Feel as if there is important information missing from your life?

Soul Clearing is about discovering and understanding who we are, why we are the way we are, and clearing influences that are interfering with who we are meant to be. Learn what your gifts, talents, life lessons, and soul’s history are. Learn, heal and clear away negative blocks, influences, connections and karma that are stopping you from living the life you want to be living. Stop making the same mistakes, attracting the same negative people, reliving the same negative actions and start embracing the divine being you are meant to be! 

Soul Clearing is about seeing your life experiences form a Soul perspective and removing what has been holding you back from your soul’s evolution.  Remove Soul-level energetic blocks and restrictions that are stopping you from fully embracing your highest path and purpose in this lifetime.

Soul Clearing is about working with your energetic bodies to create positive changes that allow you to embrace your life with joy, peace and love. All of us are individual Souls having individual experiences with individual histories. Our Souls are made up of energy that carries personal patterns, resonances, memories and purposes. Sometimes this energy gets stagnant, blocked, imbalanced, repetitive, and, simply put, out of alignment. Many of us are confused as to who we really are, what we really want, and are feeling unhappy, unsettled, dull, lost, confused, trapped, and an assortment of other emotional states that we are not intended to be living.

During a Soul Realignment reading a profile is created of who you are at soul level and what gifts you have from Spirit. This is an incredible insight into ourselves, often empowering us to be more fully who we are. The second part of this reading is to find out what negative influences are with you, how they are affecting you and what choices you made that allowed them. Finally we clear these negative issues from your soul.

Your report will include your Soul’s origination profile, your spiritual training and past life issue(s) that are currently affecting you. In addition you will get an understanding of how much you are in alignment with source and some guidance to further embrace spirit in your life.

Soul Realignment Session Includes:

–         my work in the Akashic Record to discover your information

–         Clearing of your record

–         1 hr phone session with me to review the information

–         ‘homework’ for you to participate in the clearing (this is not necessary but helpful)

–         Email access to me for 1 week to respond to questions



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