The fact that I would even consider writing this testimonial is a complete 180 degrees shift from my opinion prior to Jennifer doing my Akashic reading.

I’ve always viewed things like an Akashic reading with skepticism. I am a businessman and most of the times the “services” people offer are a sham without any tangible results. I was extremely skeptical even after receiving the reading but decided I should approach with an open mind.

While I do not have any physical proof, I personally have seen tangible results. Many problems or influences have simply melted away.  I have more energy and my thought processes have more clarity and focus.  For me the results have been a dramatic improvement in my quality of life.

 I found Jennifer to be “gifted” in what she does and worth every dime. The only caveat is to approach things with an open mind and go with the flow. If someone is affected like me, they will notice in a month that their lives have had many positive changes. In a way it is like a new start or beginning.



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